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More than just a band, sidestepper created a sound that influenced a whole generation of Colombian musicians, paving the way for electro cumbia and all the beat music that has followed. As a producer / engineer Richard Blair has been at the centre of Colombian music for over 20 years, helping to make landmark records for Carlos Vives, Toto la Momposina, Chocquibtown, Pernet, Aterciopelados and many more.


i love this tune i mixed for cqt in 2007

I love to mix dance music of all kinds, and when the situation is right i love to get more involved as a producer - from songwriting , arranging, engineering, getting great sounds and great performances, editing and mixing . I have worked closely with John Dent @ Loud in the UK for over 10 years , who masters most things i do.

i have become a specialist in recording bands live in the studio, convinced it's the best way to capture vibe, groove and magic !     R.B

Remixes - RB has spent more than two decades living DJ culture and as a remixer has lent many tunes that classic sidestepper vibe.  Lately he has done several mixes for the label Real World, and the Malian stars Amadou and Mariam .


Assisted mixingOscar Alford has become part of the sidestepper family on the studio side. He is a  musician and engineer and shares the idea that mixing is more than just a good balance, it's finding the sound and approach that help to communicate the song, or the magic balance that makes the tune really swing.​

The idea is a kind of loose apprenticeship, the way old school studios used to work, where an assistant  could learn from an older and more experienced engineer .

Oscar will mix the tune, but i will monitor the work and give appropriate advice and tips.​ R.B




Mezcla Asistida - Oscar Alford es ahora parte de la familia sidestepper por el lado de estudio. Es un musico e ingeniero que comparte la idea que mezclar es mas que simplemente lograr un buen balance, es encontrar la perpectiva sonica que ayuda a comunicar la cancion.


La idea es algo al estilo de los viejos estudios, donde un asistente podia aprender de trabajar cerca un ingeniero mayor y con mas experiencia.


Oscar mezclara la cancion pero yo monitoreare el trabajo y dare los consejos y tips apropiados. R.B 

I grew up in the caribbean coast of Colombia sonically influenced by both heavy roots folk and contemporary sounding music.. i love to create unusual sounds that can make you trip and also groove..i always try to bring some of that into the mix. O.A.

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